Why Kammas are becoming neighbor’s (other castes) envy? (Part II)

Continuing from the 1st part, let us delve into the subject ‘why
Kammas are being targeted politically’. This question navigates us to
a famous quote on politics by former President of USA, Barack Obama,
who said “We need to reject any politics that targets because of race
or religion. This is not a matter of political correctness”.

Regrettably, Indian political ecosystem is speedily retreating towards
an unwarranted caste and religion centric disorder with political
parties having made ‘divide and rule’, the Machiavellian concept, as
core part of their election strategy, which they fondly call ‘Social
Engineering’ using which, they divide public on the lines of castes,
religions, races, sects, and regions and attempt to capture power
though they doesn’t enjoy authentic public mandate. This concept of
Social Engineering was predominantly implemented in 2014 general
elections, and the state assembly elections happened after 2014
including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and the torchbearers of this
detrimental and undesirable practice are the new age election
management gurus using exploiting technology to the maximum.
India’s population advantage, being second largest populated country and
youngest nation in the world, with 65% of populace below 35 years and
50% below 25 years, has come handy for these consultants. With
internet penetration expanding in considerable percentages and the
average digital time (time spend on internet) increasing rapidly every
month, the election campaigns are now being built around web and
digital platforms endorsed by heavy budgets.

Similar Social Engineering strategy was executed in Andhra too. Though
it was tried by Congress and TRS long back, though using conventional
means, as mentioned in Part 1, those trials were random and situation
centric. Congress tried it in late 80s to counter the indomitable
charisma of Late Shri NTR and TRS tried to intensely penetrate the
concept of separate state into minds of Telangana Public. With
majority of film actors and businessmen belonging to Kamma Community
investing their hard-earned money in Hyderabad and the excessive
visibility of those properties was perfectly exploited by the
stakeholders of Telangana Movement. But in Andhra Pradesh, after
Telangana got separated in 2014, the social engineering mechanics
initiated their detrimental activities quite shrewdly, as the
political forces both in centre and state, which doesn’t want the
ruling TDP in power, believed that the most strategic and mandatory
way to achieve their goal is to hit Kammas Community.
We can understand at what intensity this exercise was carried from the
statements of couple of established psephologists who summed up the
recent election battle in AP as ‘Kamma Vs Anti-Kamma’ at ground level.
In fact Kammas, as propagated by some vice elements using Internet and
Vocal Medias doesn’t manifest superiority. It is improper to
generalize the vices exhibited by a few individuals and apply them to
the entire social group. If that is the base to assess and frame an
opinion about a caste, no other caste would be an exception, as every
social group has its own limitations in the form of some groups
behaving abnormally.

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