Mangalyadharana – Matrimonial Reflections

Mangalyadharana – This is the most critical part of the Indian marriage procedure. Paternal aunt and maternal uncle would make a ‘Mangalasutra’ out of 16–18 strings from four directions, each representing a different dharma. It is the beginning of the process of transitioning from being a virgin girl to being a housewife. There would be two sutras, one representing one’s own family and the other representing one’s in-law’s family. The Sutra delivered on behalf of the bride’s family will bring her longevity, good health, wealth, and prosperity. Whereas the sutra delivered on behalf of the in-laws’ family would represent the husband’s lifetime, progress, and development. The load of safeguarding and enhancing the customs, repute, and obligations of both families would be carried by the bride on her heart, which is represented by the ‘Mangalasutra’ on her heart. She would serve as a liaison between the two families. This ‘mangalasutra’ is made of either yellow thread or gold. Yellow brings happiness and vigour to the psyche.

3 Knots: A matrimonial relationship would be entwined with the “Mangalasutra.”

The first knot is to choose the righteous route and go in the direction of wisdom, power, and rectitude.

The second knot is to progress in the direction of children, blissfulness, and service orientation.

Third Knot: To live a methodical life committed to ideals and righteousness till the end of life with blissfulness, while also fostering family expansion in terms of children.

Marriage is not only physical and psychological, but also spiritual. Following the wedding, the husband would apply turmeric on the nerve of the final bone relevant to the bride’s spine. Through this contact, the bride would acquire infinite attraction to the husband. Guests and elders would then bless the wedding pair with ‘akshithas’ (holy rice combined with sandal and turmeric), resulting in the production of power. Such power would allow the couple to have a happy existence with children as well as all other aspects of a progressive life.

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