Sapthapadi – Are you aware that every action has a sacred purpose?

The most significant ritual of the wedding is known as “Saptapadi.” Seven steps are symbolised by it, which the couple takes together. In this ritual, the ends of the groom’s dhoti and the bride’s saree are tied together in a knot. The groom offers a blessing for a long life with each stride he takes. Saris, jewellery, and other gifts are presented to the newlyweds and other family members during this event. The definitions of the seven marriage vows are shown here.

* The bride and groom accept the first of the seven vows, promising to make life prosperous for the family or home they will look after and to stay away from anyone who might make it difficult for them to live a healthy life.*

* The bride and groom make a commitment to strengthen their physical, mental, and spiritual capacities in order to lead a healthy lifestyle during the second of the seven pheras.

* The third vow is a promise by the couple to support themselves and grow financially in a virtuous and proper manner, multiplying their material fortune.

* As they take their fourth vow, newlyweds promise to grow in wisdom, happiness, and harmony via their shared love, respect, understanding, and faith.

* The fifth vow is to have children for whom they will be accountable in order to increase their heredity. They also ask for the blessing of having honest, brave, and healthy children.

* The bride and groom offer a prayer for mental, physical, and spiritual restraint as they complete the sixth step around the holy fire. They also ask for continued happiness in their marriage.

* The seventh and final vow that the bride and groom exchange states their commitment to staying true and devoted to one another as well as being best friends for the rest of their lives.

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