Should ‘Kammas’ of this generation work on their natural ‘Manufacturing Defect?’

Not even 5% of total population of both Telugu speaking states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Kamma community is a topic of discussion on any given day both domestically and globally. Scholars from global major universities opting ‘Kammas’ as their research topic shows how our community is generating interest in various societies. Now the question is why? Every article or every community meeting or every garden party has this kind of analysis. Though we are small, percentage wise or in absolute numbers, our progenitors have gifted us a natural leadership on society, which the subsequent generations are carrying forward with their hard work and efforts. It is not a new discovery and an age-old fact that every field ranging from pristine occupation agriculture to the latest evolving technologies have Kamas at prominent positions. Say it movies, business, trade, commerce, irrigation, culture, sports, arts, literature, journalism, research and invention, medicine, and every other field we find our Kammas at principal places.

What makes them so successful?

Inborn and distinctive abilities and faculties coupled with progressive outlook and their industrious approach in transforming such vision into realism are the prime qualities commonly seen among Kammas. They never shy away from risk or adversity and are always geared up to confront and shakeup the dynamics. There are thousands of instances where Kammas have redefined the ways of doing say it in agriculture or business or cinema. When people explore “who is the first to do this”, several instances throw up the names of Kammas. As the forthcoming articles explore in detail of many such instances and persons involved this article would just confine to discuss the ‘manufacturing defect’ mentioned in the title. ‘Manufacturing defect’ ordinarily used to refer any defects in product manufacturing is often used by our  elders of the community at on various podiums to highlight the deficiency Kamma community has been carrying for ages. Lamentably this defect in our thinking is expanding fast as the generations change.

‘Manufacturing Defect’ – What is it about?

A story on Crabs is often said by those accomplished in various walks of life about Kamma community. It goes like this.

On a sea shore a series of jars were kept with crabs inside. All the jars are closed except one. A passer-by asked the caretaker of those jars why only one jar is kept open.

The caretaker answered “the crabs in that jar belong to Kammas and that doesn’t require a lid”.

Startled, the passer-by questioned ‘Why?’

Caretaker jeeringly responded “They are eminent for disunity among themselves. Even if a crab tries to come out others will pull it back as they don’t like it going out”.

Thus, the manufacturing defect is “Lack of Unity”

This story in a perspective may sound quite overstating but obviously it is not so. This lack of unity and certain evil qualities like jealousy, protectiveness, greed et al could be seen in a section of Kammas, which are actually pulling them back from further progress and advancement. As quoted by a leading political leader of Andhra Pradesh, “God has given this community all arms and ammunition to make it out in life but also endowed them this manufacturing defect”.

Are the Kammas of this generation ready to confront it and get rid of this evil opinion? How we can support each other and what existing organizations are doing in order to uplift the underprivileged in community would be detailed in upcoming articles.

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