Marriage – Significance in life!

“What makes a person’s life absolute and complete is marriage.”

Marriage in Indian context is a Vedic tradition that is august and idealistic. Sages of the past, who acted as the guiding lights for the then society, with grand providence, established this noble and notable institution called ‘marriage’ that is aspired to rationalize human life style and take absolute pleasure in the internal essence of various elements comprising individual, society, culture, country, universe, nature, and god eternally. Wedding, for Indians, is an elevated and majestic process that is intended to uphold and preserve the association and relationship between the partners for 7 life cycles. It is a blissful journey that keeps the couple intimate, cherished, healthy and ecstatic throughout the life.

A nuptial relation focuses on manifesting the inherent thought process of males to the society. This manifestation occurs in a four facet perspective encompassing Dharma (righteousness), Artha (monetary accomplishment), Kama (energy and passion in life), and Moksha (liberation from everything in life). Our Yogis have very well incorporated in the marriage procedure how the new couple can lead their lives with exhilaration, progress, serving society and shielding universe with values.

Indian marriage ritual is most unique and distinguished in the world, whose success is reliant on confidence and moral fiber of both individuals and society. Our wedding customs date back over 3500 years ago. Each ceremony, occasion, and ritual has deep philosophical meaning and purpose. The Vivah is performed in Sanskrit, the most ancient surviving language.  Bridegroom and Bride would become Lord Maha Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi Devi and get married, while the noble Brahman who executes the marriages grows to be Lord Brahma, and all the guests who attends the marriage would turn into 33 crore deities to bless the new couple. Though most of us are following this procedure in today’s world majority doesn’t know the sense in the same.

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