Learn how you can organize a Grand Marriage and Save Money

Organizing a good marriage within low budget and managing the available resources is a concern for most parents.
Subhamastu helps you with amazing information on how you can organize a grand wedding and still manage to save money. Here we are:

Marriage Budget
When organizing the wedding, a large chunk of amount goes in various purchases such as dresses for bridge / Groom, family and others, gold, jewellery, gifts, marriage hall and catering. It is extremely important to know that all these can be managed effectively by being smart and effective management.

  • Purchase of dresses and that too costly is a severe burden for the parents. When planning to buy dresses for the bride or groom and others in the family.
  • Usually most of the families wait till the marriage date is finalized and go for shopping. It is not a good idea to wait a few days before the wedding. This should be planned well earlier at least 6 month to 1 year.
  • One of the best ways is to go for the whole sale purchase. There are many shops who offer all the dresses for men and women on wholesale price. The material can be purchased and tailor them to suit your style and requirements. This cost very cheap.
  • Waiting for large discounts and offers from shops is another good way to make the right dresses purchases. Many shops offer these discounts as much as 50% and they are also of good quality.
  • Online purchasing has become a norm these days. And online e-commerce platforms also offer huge discounts and big sales particularly during the festive season.


  • We can’t imagine an Indian wedding without jewellery. Huge money is poured in buying jewellery for the weddings. And add to the woes, the gold price also shoots up all the time.
  • It is always advisable to keep purchasing wedding jewellery in small quantities right through leading to the marriage.
  • Another idea most prefer is use the old designed jewellery at home and dispose it to purchase latest designs. This cost much cheaper and reduces the expenses significantly.


  • A lot of money is spent on flowers and decorations at the venue, and this is just for a few hours or at the most for a day, which is not advisable.
  • It’s fine that weddings venue need to be decorated, but instead of hiring wedding planner who charge a lot of money, small flower vendors are good at doing the same job for lesser price.
  • Hiring these small vendors will pay rich dividends in terms of getting quality decorations for significantly less amount.


  • Catering is another huge area where a large sum of amount is spent during the weddings. A huge chunk of amount could be saved is catering is planned properly.
  • One of doing it is reducing the spread to bare minimum items, too many items helps in making it to ‘talk of the town, but a lot of it wasted.
  • Hiring a catering services restaurant that offer good discount, reduces wastage and delivers optimized food.
  • Another good way is hire a known professional cook, get him all the required vegetables materials and other things and get it prepared. This need some effort, but saves a lot of money.

It is true that marriages of loved ones are once in a life time opportunity, they need to be performed the way all wish. It is a joyous occasion and fond memories are attached to it. But sheer wastage of money on grandeur, unnecessary things that can be avoided must be avoided. We hope the above tips will help you organizing the wedding within your budget.

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