How to create a balance between professional as well as personal life together? Part -2

Kamma matrimony sites, which is a Telugu kamma marriage bureau has researched on this subject of balancing a professional life with personal life. They researched the carriers and relationships status of many kamma brides and kamma grooms. In these studies, it is showed that those kamma matches live in successful relationships are healthier, make more money, live longer and happier than single people do. So, here we are providing you some tips to balance your carrier and relationship.

1.       Value your partner:

I personally believe that the value of a person has never depended upon how much money he or she makes. Although before marriage many kamma brides, as well as kamma grooms, consider financial factor also to find out their perfect match, after marriage the partners should have more value to their relationship rather than money. Always keep in mind that the more you can give value, the more others will give you that value. This is the same case for your partner.

       Try to find ways to get closer. Start making things together. Integrate different things in your daily life and support the changes those come with it. Always ask yourself what you can do better together than doing it alone.

2.       Set your priorities:

Prioritizing means understanding where you need more concentration or attention and where you can take other things little lighter. It has been seeing that before marriage the kamma matches give more importance to their partners because at that time they need it, but after marriage, they can’t balance the work life with personal life. Both kamma bride and kamma groom understand this factor deeply.  If job things are stable, it might be worthwhile to slow it down and spend some quality time with your partner. If you want to maintain a good reputation at work and make your love life in a good phase, give an extra effort to your job.

   The key element here is communication. Make your partner realize that he/she is the most important part of your life. Make your co-workers and boss understand that this work life is also a valuable part of your life. So that when you need to work long hours in the office to complete your work or leave work a little early to help your partner, neither of them will take it personally.  

3.       Ask for what you actually want

Life is just like a zero-sum game, but always challenge yourself and your partner to find ways to fulfil what you both really is an important aspect for both kamma bride and kamma grooms to discuss before marriage also. To get all these, you should be honest. It will create problems and misunderstanding when you assume that your partner also wants the same as yours. So, always discuss all the matters with your partner.

Encourage different desires, try to learn more about your partner, what is the deepest desire, wishes and also find ways to fulfil them- whether they may be sexual, emotional or work related. Remember that, the more you ask, the more you understand each other in a better way.

4.       Never glorify ‘being busy’

Most of the people consider that having a full busy schedule equates to being successful. But it is high time to stop filling your calendar with less important ‘busy work’’ but start doing significant works that are important for your partner. Start treating him/her special as your first priority, which can help you both to make the relationship stronger.

5.       Set a limitation:

Sometimes, it happens that your partner can upset the balance in the relationship if they feel overwhelmed. That’s why it is good to make them understand and clarify when a limit has been reached. This happens because of maybe your patience, anger or any other emotion you are feeling. Make it clear with your partner that what are the limits, so that you both can avoid arguments or fighting because of miscommunication or personal limitations. The kamma matches also discuss all these things before marriage so that after marriage they can’t feel hesitation to limit yourself.

6.       Stay connected throughout the day

A strong relationship will be hiding stealthily in the back of your mind throughout the day. It is not related to just dinner after work but finds the opportunities to connect when you both are apart.

You can text during a morning coffee or a sweet phone call on a slow afternoon or weekly date. Although kamma bride or kamma groom, you can stay connected throughout the day before marriage. Why it can’t be possible after marriage also. These romantic little moments of connection will strengthen your relationship and help you to establish more balance e between the professional and personal life.

7.       Balance sacrifices:

If you both want to have a high-profile carrier, it is guaranteed that we have to do some sacrifices to make the carrier good. And remember that balancing is created over a long period of time. Accept and acknowledge the sacrifice of your partner to enhance your carrier and be ready to do the same for their dreams in the future. The kamma matches also discuss this important aspect before marriage.

8.       Talk about your work:

Even though you both have a separate world of work, but your work is the part of your identity and your partner should know all about it. Talk about your responsibilities, struggles, accomplishments to your partner and encourage them to reach for that level when it comes to their carrier.

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9.       Show unconditional support:

It can be difficult to discuss your partner’s carrier after a long day of work. But it is important that you should present the carrier of your partner in the conversations and show unconditional; support towards their work. Without this unconditional support, misunderstanding and resentment can generate with your partner, making it difficult to balance both carrier and love life.

10.     Never go to bed angrily:

This is meaningful to the success of your carrier along with the relationship. Waking up in an angry mood has not only lost your valuable sleep but also provide a negative start to the new day which affects your productivity in the workplace also.

So, always make it habit to solve all the issues before going to bed.

11.     Find out time for each other:

Spending time together is the major concern for most of the couple who are busy in work life. But it is important to give a break to your busy working life and spend some special moments with your partner. Never create a situation that your partner begging some time from you rather do it from your side only.

12.     Date each other:

Scheduling date doesn’t seem romantic. But deliberately setting time to concentrate on your relationship make you realize that it is a priority for you and creating something importantly on your carrier can help you little disconnect you from your hectic professional life.

You can realize that what a little effort can do. It will mould your relationship to a romantic and beautiful one. It is not important to go on a date before marriage only. Schedule it and give it a spark after marriage also.

13.     Love the person and their title:

Respect your partner for whatever position he/she is in, for a healthy balance between your work and relationship. You may not like your partner’s job, but you should provide unconditional support to achieve his/her dreams.

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14.     Always do the decision two-step:

In these two steps, the first step is yours and the second one is your partner’s. it does not matter how independent you are, how headstrong your personality is, your decision now affects both of you. So, you both should take the decision on one matter. Maybe it will differ but find out a conclusion by both of you and then do that accordingly.

15.     Share the household responsibilities:

Share the household duties like all other responsibilities. It is not the duty of a woman to do all the household things. The man should understand her responsibilities in both work and house and helps to manage them effortlessly.

16.     Go for your own passion:

Time constraints are the main cause of imbalance between the relationship and carrier. It happens that you both have time mismatching with respect to your respective carriers. In this way, hobbies come in. instead of looking for the partner to fill up the void, try to do something you genuinely enjoy and encourage your partner also. And you can see it will be an opportunity for self- growth.  The more you can explore your partner, the closer the two of you can become. The kamma brides and kamma grooms can also discuss their respective hobbies, maybe these common interests help you to come closer.

17.     Learn to apologize and forgive:

Every person experienced the challenge and made mistakes. Holding mistakes of each other and staying angry will only complicate the relationship and give more stress which leads to your carrier life also. You can’t concentrate on your professional life if you are suffering from many difficulties in your personal life.

Patience, humility, and forgiveness can give success to your relationship. With these foundations, you can balance your carrier and personal life satisfyingly.

18.     Be proud of your relationship:

take your relationship goals as important as for your carrier and celebrate your successes after reaching each goal. It is not easy, but you worked hard to balance the professional life and successful personal life. Of course, there is no competition, but you should aim to be the most connected and lovable couple.

Balance is beautiful:

Achieving a perfect balance between work life and personal life permits you to perform extraordinarily in both areas.

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