What should be the relationship resolutions worth keeping for 2023?

This is the time of the new year 2023, everywhere you can look with the ideas and suggestions for new year’s resolutions you can make in this new year. When many of us thinking about to lose weight, save money for the future or live a disciplined life, do you think wouldn’t it also be helpful to take care of what’s the most important part to many of us- that’s our relationship. Here the time to take some relationship resolutions for 2023.

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So, here we are providing you some essential relationship resolutions for 2023 to make your relationship status. Whether kamma bride or kamma groom, you can enhance your relationship in this coming year beautifully by taking these a few numbers of resolutions. Let’s find out:

Never take anything personally:

Whatever happens around you, never take it personally. All people live their own life, dream in their own terms, all are in a completely different world from the one we live in. when we take something personally, we assume that they know what is in our world, which is completely wrong and we try to emphasize our world in their world.

Even when any person insults you directly, it has nothing to do with you. What they are doing, what they are saying about you, what are the opinions about you they give according to their own mind. Taking these things personally makes make you weak in front of them. It would lose your hope and expectations and compelled to take the wrong decision. It may happen with both kamma groom or kamma brides.

So, never lose hope and believe in yourself, what you actually are. You won’t need to place your trust what others say. It is important to trust yourself to make responsible choices. You are never responsible for the other’s actions, but you are responsible for you only. When you start believing yourself and refuse to take things personally, you never get hurt by the careless comments of others.

If you remember this thing, you can travel around the world with no fear and no one can hurt you. You can confidently say, “I love you “or “I like you” without fear of being rejected. You can tell what you need.

2.Think before you speak:

It is true that our speech only shapes our life. Many times you can find that outcomes depend on what you say and the way you say it. The words you are saying are the reflections of your personality. In case your words are getting you into trouble, then you should understand that you are showing others the worst part of you. You are presenting yourself as a thoughtless, careless or emotionless person.

So when speaking to your kamma grooms or kamma brides, we tend to colour our language with wonderful words and phrases that have become close to us, and those should not hurt your potential partner in any means. He/ she should not misunderstand us, they should understand what we actually mean. Really, if you want to make him/her understand, then try to use words that they might use.

Prioritize what is important to you:

When you are delivering your thoughts to your respective kamma groom or kamma brides, deliver it properly. You should mention your priorities so that he/ she can understand you properly that what the things matter to you. In these priorities, never forget to tell the high place of your partner. How important he/ she would be in your life.

Being a good listener:

Being a good listener is very much important of your social life. You can understand that what kind of relationship would you have with someone who talks all the time but never listens to you. So, in the meetings, both kamma grooms and kamma bride should give their respective personal spaces, so that each of the kamma matches can understand each other, also deliver their thoughts. There should be a reciprocation in the communications involved in any good relationship- just like a “back and forth”, a mutual exchange. In case you are rigorously talked at without being listened to other, then there is no relationship and the same case happened if you are the one listening all the talking. So, be patient and be a good listener which helps you to maintain your relationship.

Know when to say sorry:

Individuals who realize they’ve done or said anything injustice to another person needs to apologize. This starts with words, but it has to be more than just talking. You should realize your fault and your body language also say likewise. Your apology words are the promise of change and supporting actions are the proves of it. If you don’t excuse for your behaviour, then the matter may become worse, creating a bad image of yours In front of your potential partner. So, kamma bides and kamma groom both should apology their faults in case of any misunderstanding.Never try to control others:

The requirement of controlling others does not make any sense. If you are alive- and let- live kind of person, you’d never want to control someone. Both the persons of kamma matches, kamma groom as well as kamma bride should take care of this thing. We should realize that how much it actually hurts another person, combinedly how often it blows up in our face, we should start taking actions towards controlling mentality and let another stay with you without any compulsion. It makes your relationship an outstanding one.

Say what you want:

For anyone, discovering what you really want to do in your life is not that much easy task, nor you can get any step by step study material for that. But it is a very much important aspect your potential partner should know. When you are sure what really you want to do whether it is your carrier, lifestyle, relationship, it definitely help you the other person that what it is you truly want. So, both the partners, kamma grrom and kamma bride should discuss it.

Be responsible for your own happiness:

Personal responsibility is a crucial factor for the maximization of happiness. As those persons who have started on the quest for happiness know quite well, which is a crucial milestone on the path involves taking personal responsibility. Taking personal responsibility means that not blaming others for your sorrow. It means that figuring out the ways in which you can be happy despite negative behaviours of others, also the external circumstances. An individual whether kamma bride or kamma groom should take own responsibility. A person, who has taken personal responsibility can recognize own happiness. That’s why it is said that your happiness depends much more on your attitude rather than on others.

Being positive:

Positivity leads to see the bright side of life. It is not like that the struggle and pain are not there for all time, even it is just the phase of life and we can see it in a certain bad moment. The kamma bride or kamma groom should see the good things in their potential partner, even when it is taking a lot of time to search for that person. It is about trust in ourselves. So, even with pain, sorrow, and evil, there is always good things, we should focus on those.

The relationships can be both the most significant source of happiness and, simultaneously, it can cause the most intense feelings of pain. Whatever the moods, thoughts, and behaviours affect, the relationship should not be affected by these.

If one or more significant relationships suffer and struggle, the distraction can lead it nearly impossible for us to think clearly, feel good, and make wise choices. Adversely, our capability to think clearly, feel good, and make wise choices can determine to whom we have in our lives and in what way, why, and how we interact. So, let’s in this new year of 2023, we take care of all these crucial points and try to make this year a memorable one.

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