Types of Kamma Community and their importance

The Kamma community is primarily found in the southern states of India, particularly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Within the Kamma community, there are different sub-groups or divisions based on various factors such as region, occupation, and social status.

Here are some of the main types of Kamma community:

  1. Golla Kamma: This sub-group is primarily involved in the traditional occupation of cattle rearing and agriculture. They are known for their expertise in cattle breeding and are considered an important community in the dairy industry.
  2. Kamma Naidu: This is a sub-group of the Kamma community that is primarily found in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh. They are known for their bravery and are traditionally associated with the military and police services.
  3. Kamma Velama: This sub-group is primarily found in the Telangana region and is known for their proficiency in agriculture and land ownership. They are considered a wealthy and influential community.
  4. Kamma Kapu: This sub-group is primarily found in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh and is involved in various professions such as agriculture, business, and politics.
  5. Kamma Rajus: This sub-group is considered the elite class of the Kamma community and is primarily involved in business, politics, and other influential positions.

The importance of these types lies in their unique identities, occupations, and cultural practices. These sub-groups have their distinct history, traditions, and social structures. They provide a sense of identity and belonging to the people within the community and also serve as a means of social organization. The different types of Kamma communities reflect the diversity and richness of the community’s history and culture.

Anthem of Kamma Community

As far as I know, the Kamma community does not have a specific anthem that is widely recognized and used as a representation of the community. However, the community does have various folk songs and traditional music that reflect their cultural heritage and history. These songs are often sung during community events and celebrations.

One of the most popular folk songs among the Kamma community is called “Kamma Kapu,” which is named after two of the prominent sub-groups within the community. The song praises the bravery, unity, and hard work of the Kamma Kapu people and their contributions to society.

Here are some of the lyrics of the song along with their meaning:

Kamma Kapu naadu neeku jai (All hail to the land of Kamma Kapus)

Kamma Kapu kulam neeku jai (All hail to the Kamma Kapu community)

Samaaja sevayullaki kamma kapulaki jai (All hail to the Kamma Kapus who serve the society)

Raathirikallu rangu rangu pandagaalu (Colorful festivals throughout the night)

Jai Kamma Kapu (All hail Kamma Kapus)

The song highlights the pride and unity of the Kamma Kapu community, their contributions to society, and the importance of celebrating their cultural heritage.

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