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That’s fantastic news. To begin with, I’m sure you’ve started planning your wedding by now. The most important aspect is your photography, and there are various things to consider before booking your wedding photographer. Gone are the days when wedding photography was a basic technique of photographing the bride and groom as well as family and friends, but with newness in photography, there is a lot a wedding photographer can do to make your wedding a beautiful remembrance to enjoy forever.

Pre-wedding photography has become an essential component of wedding shoots these days, and most wedding photographers include pre-wedding shoots in their packages along with other bargains. If you’re searching for a pre-wedding session, here are some things to consider.

Pre-wedding shoots are thrilling; people enjoy themselves during their pre-wedding shoots. Furthermore, a pre-wedding photoshoot is a terrific way to get to know your photographer before your wedding day, and the photographer gets to know both of you and your partnership better for the big day. It creates a type of haven for both parties. Pre-wedding photoshoots are just a chance to feel comfortable in front of the camera and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Not only will this pre-wedding picture shoot prepare you well for your wedding, but it will also serve as a warm-up before you put on the ring.

Pre-wedding photoshoots are entirely optional; they are not required; nonetheless, there are some advantages to doing so.

If you’re planning a Kamma wedding, a pre-wedding shoot can help you and your Kamma bride and groom get a little closer. It will help you get to know one other better since all of the time you spend together for your pre-wedding session will allow you to get to know each other more and better, which will help you start a wonderful life together. Years later, when you look back on all of your photographs, you will miss all of your life’s golden moments. And if it’s a love tale, nothing beats a pre-wedding photoshoot, which allows your photographer to construct a fantastic love story in the most artistic way possible, i.e., in the form of your photographs. A pre-wedding shoot allows you to rest and unwind with your significant other while also allowing you to express your love story to the world in the most wonderful way possible.


Yes, simply selecting a package that includes a pre-wedding photoshoot is insufficient. There is a lot to do to capture those candid moments for a superb memoir. Weddings are always filled with love, pleasure, and happiness. A pre-wedding shoot is one approach to strengthen the link between you and your future husband. Numerous elements must be considered to make your pre-wedding photoshoot unforgettable, the first of which is selecting the ideal venue for the ultimate pre-wedding picture shoot. One of the most significant parts is finding the ideal place that fits your personality perfectly.


Before deciding on a location, you must select a wedding photographer to handle all of your wedding photography needs. Choose the greatest and most professional wedding photographer for your wedding, one that also takes on and has experience with pre-wedding photography tasks. Who understands your requirements and with whom you may feel at ease during your photoshoot. The one who can vividly display your characteristics.

Your venue is the most significant aspect of a pre-wedding photo session; it is not the only one, but it does play an important role in obtaining good candid photographs, as your setting serves as a backdrop for your images.


First and foremost, while selecting a venue, examine your story: how you met, where you met for the first time, your first date location, your first holiday destination, your first movie together, who proposed first, and where exactly the proposal was made. Yes, if your story is captivating, you should consider using those locations for your pre-wedding session or video, just to give it a taste.


Yes, your personality is important; you cannot be of the same type, habits, and character features. You may be passionate about something that your partner is not. Whether you are an outgoing person or prefer to stay indoors the majority of the day. Your personalities are extremely crucial in any pre-wedding photoshoot. Because of the shoot is tailored to your personality, the results will undoubtedly be the best.

When choosing places for your pre-wedding shoot, don’t just dismiss the traits you guys have; it will give you that ease and comfort that will readily reflect in your images; going against your personalities may leave you disappointed, which is not good.


Keep in mind that your theme should be in sync with your chosen location, and if it is not, it will undoubtedly affect the photos at the end. Your chosen theme will assist your photographer in understanding the needs for lenses, other equipment, and (if necessary) props, as well as anything else that will be required to fit with the nature and grandeur of the surroundings.


When deciding on a venue for your pre-wedding photography, keep the weather and season of the wedding in mind. The weather will have a significant impact on your images. The season in which you are getting married may not be appropriate for the location you have chosen for your pre-wedding shoot. Before selecting a location for your pre-wedding picture shoot, it is usually a good idea to consider the time and season of your wedding. For example, if you’re getting married during the rainy season, would you show up for your picture shoot outside… I’m sure you’re aware of the consequences: all of your make-up will be gone, and the dress you bought just for your photo session will be completely soaked. Consider it!!


A wedding is an expensive occasion, rather expensive in fact. So, when deciding on a place for your pre-wedding picture shoot, keep in mind that money is a crucial consideration. The more you spend, the more expensive your pre-wedding picture shoot might be, however, if you are on a restricted budget, you should keep this in mind before deciding on a pre-wedding venue.

You may want to go out of town for your pre-wedding shoot, but your budget will not allow it. In an outdoor photoshoot, you will have to pay for your and your future spouse’s travel as well as the photographer’s and his team’s travel and accommodation, which is not feasible if your budget is limited. In such a case, the best you can do is look for a location in town because most of the time choose wisely within your budget, and make your pre-wedding photoshoot the best experience of your life. Budget transparency is required.


Whether the season of your pre-wedding photo session is off or the peak one it also matters very much. If it is an offseason, you have the option of finding good locations for photoshoots; however, if it is a peak season when there are school holidays and already people are travelling for some leisure time, and the location that you have chosen is teeming with people and travellers, you and your photographer will have a difficult time getting good shots because there will be some disruptions on and off.

So, when selecting a venue for your pre-wedding photoshoot, make sure it is not overcrowded. In May and June, for example, it may be tough to acquire those candid beach photos because there will be few places to do so.


Consider if you want to capture a sunrise or a sunset as your backdrop before deciding on a place. Also, if you want to do your pre-wedding picture shoot at a historical landmark, you won’t be able to do so at night because it is not permitted in most places. It is equally crucial to have the best pre-wedding images in your hands before finalizing your destination.


Before deciding on a place for your pre-wedding photoshoot, consider your mood and style. When your mood and style are in sync with the chosen venue, the right images will emerge. Whether you are a lively girl and your husband is a nervous groom, whether you are a couple who loves traditional artistry or you are the one who is current in every way. You may want to use a classic wall as a background, but your mood and outlook on life also play a factor in determining the appropriate location for your pre-wedding shoot.

Your photographer will be able to integrate both in the best way possible. Make sure your photographer is aware of what you are looking for, whether it is a mix and match style or a classic one so that he can use his abilities to the best of his ability to deliver you your great images.


It is best to visit your site ahead of time to ensure a successful pre-wedding photoshoot. You may have fantasized about having a photo session in a historical monument when you last visited it in college 10 years ago. How certain are you that the monument is still in the same condition? It may be tainted now because the interval is so large. Or, if there is a park in your city that was formerly famous, why not go visit it for yourself and decide whether it is the right site for your pre-wedding shoot or not. So, paying a visit is a smart idea in all of those specified sites; it may take some time upfront but will save you a lot later. You’ll have a good sense of the location from the inside out.


If you are unable to decide on a decent setting for your pre-wedding photoshoot, you can always seek assistance from your photographer; he may be a valuable resource in such a circumstance. Most photographers must have a good sense of where they want to go, both in and out of town. Photographers must be knowledgeable about locations and places to work in this industry. You might also request that your photographer recommend a few spots. All you have to do is tell him about your tastes, preferences, and styles, and he will be able to recommend a few venues. They also have a strong understanding of most of the locations and can advise you on where and how to take the best photos.


Nature and landscapes

Ours is a country filled with a plethora of breathtaking scenery and attractions. For couples who enjoy nature and sceneries, it is always simple to choose any of the hill stations for their pre-wedding photography because it eliminates the need for much brainstorming and work. All you have to do is figure out whatever weather or terrain works best for you – beach or mountains, fall or snow. Stop your love in beachy Goa or let it flourish in the lap of nature amidst the snow-capped slopes of Manali.

Try a photoshoot in Rajasthan’s deserts or Kerala’s backwaters. In reality, these are your only days as a bachelor, so enjoy them to the maximum because they will not return. Consider this pre-wedding shoot to be a mini-vacation.

Forts and Palaces

There are numerous forts and palaces throughout the country for fort aficionados to explore. If you’ve always wanted your story to be a regal one, nothing beats starting with a fort or a palace. Rajasthan has a plethora of such alternatives, to name a few. You will get stunning photographs from your pre-wedding photography at forts and palaces. All you have to worry about is the timing of the shoot and the tickets to get in. Then your photographer will have a plethora of settings to photograph you two against. You will love the entire event as a whole.

Heritage buildings

Then there are heritage buildings; our country is teeming with them, and surely, if you enjoy time travel, choosing a heritage site for recording moments in time will be the greatest option. A heritage site works great as a backdrop since it instantly adds a “feeling of place” to your photos, making them appear majestic. Our land is brimming with wonderful places. These structures evoke a sense of nobility, immerse you in history, and can provide a strong dose of nostalgia. Agra’s Tajmahal is one such example; the city is known for its heritage structures, and the Tajmahal itself is a symbol of love. Why not immortalize your love in a spot that has witnessed a great epic love story in history and is already an embodiment of love that people from all over the world come to see? Experiment with it.

Hotel and Resorts

Hotels and resorts are other options to consider. There are numerous possibilities accessible in the country, many of which are in stunning locales. These hotels and resorts have created unique packages for pre-wedding photo shoots. If you want to shoot indoors, going with hotels and resorts will bring that tinge to your photos. These premium resorts, on the whole, feature magnificent architecture and landscaping, and your photographer will have far too many opportunities to make magic! Overall, you’ll enjoy the concept!

Parks and shopping malls

If you want to stay close to home, attempt something out of the ordinary. If you don’t have time to go to a different location for your pre-wedding session, parks and streets are a terrific option, and your photographer will have many options in your neighbourhood’s streets and parks. Going local can undoubtedly help you acquire the best images if you have an adventurous style. With parks as a backdrop, your photographer will be able to catch those genuine moments. It’s a great idea to spend time with your spouse-to-be while having a walk-in your favorite section of town amid the crowd. It’s good to venture out of your comfort zone and have the candid moments of your life beautifully captured.

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