Kammas as Kammavar Naidus or Kamma Naidus in Tamilnadu

After the 2 Telugu speaking states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it is in Tamilnadu state where Kamma community is predominantly present. Leading matrimony portal for Kamma community www.subhamastu.co endeavours to bring in the fine details of Kammas in Tamilnadu for its readers via this article.

Locally eminent as Kammavar Naidus or Kamma Naidus they are majorly concentrated in Chennai and adjoining districts of Coimbatore, Madurai (Sivakasi), Tirunelveli, Theni, Tuticorn and other districts. A few of famous Kamma Naidus in Tamilnadu include Tirumalai Nayakkar, Rani Mangammal, famous Industrialist and businessman Gopalaswamy Doraiswami Naidu (G.D.Naidu), Kollywood hero Bhagyaraja, PSG group of institutions founders and many more. Kovilpatty, eminent for match and textile industry, is totally influenced by Kammavar Naidus. There was a time when every party fielding its candidate for an election was supposed to choose one only from Kammavar Naidus as their sphere of influence would decide the fate of the candidate. However, after the last delimitation this advantage stands negated. A Communist Party of India (CPI) veteran and senior leader S.Algarsamy won from this constituency 5 times and was the longest serving MLA from 1967 to 1989 (22 Years). There is a sizeable percentage of Kammavar Naidus found in Bangalore and some pockets of Karnataka.

Like their counterparts in Andhra Pradesh, Kammavar Naidus in Tamilnadu villages are agriculturists and land owners. Kammas, wherever they live, are distinguished for introducing ultra-modern techniques in agriculture and Tamilnadu is no exception. Akin to Andhra Pradesh, the place where they are said to be originated, in Tamilnadu too, over a period of time they migrated from agriculture to other occupations including business, trade, movies, and other professions. Many prominent educational institutions are founded and run by Kammas in Tamilnadu, specifically in and around Coimbatore. Very famous PSG Group of institutions in Coimbatore is the brainchild and Kammavar Naidu’s family, which was commenced way back in 1926. The principle founder of this group was Late Sri PSG Govindaswamy Naidu. There are many such mammoth organizations ideated and established by this community whose information would be regularly posted on our blog www.subhamastu.co/blog.

Several Kammavar Naidu associations are operational in Tamilnadu both in urban and rural areas and are functioning to connect and unite the community people settled across the state and outside the state in order to create a robust network among them. Conducting healthcare and blood donation camps is also one of the principal motives of such associations. In social perspective, the organizations are seriously working to protect the age-old rituals, customs, heritage, history and culture of Kammavar Naidu community. In the process they are also creating necessary awareness in current generation as it is not just the knowledge and history that needs to passed on to next generations but a serious responsibility of shouldering and executing the responsibilities of these organizations in future. The process should be in flow and at no point of time the roots should be forgotten and the foundation on which the community built its constitution of living should be perturbed.

Though a progressive community, there are many poor families in Kamma society. Nevertheless, the kids in such families are equipped with brilliance in education but deprived of such privilege where they can leverage their talent to build their future. In such cases, these associations come forward to take the responsibility of such children and assist them financially to make them academically succeed in their lives. The details of such Kammavar Naidu Associations would be published in the forthcoming articles and the members of our community settled in any part of the world can contact the respective associations for further information on their services.

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