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“Every marriage should encourage each one of the couple to draw energy from the nature and encompassing environment to steer them in strengthening and offering significance to each other, as well demonstrating frankness and understanding towards one another”. – www.subhamastu.co

Leveraging the advantageof quickly expanding online matrimony industry Subhamastu.co evolved into a perfect endpoint for those who are exploring for his or her life partner in Kamma Community. Quite eminent in Kamma community for its extended range of services, this dedicated Kamma community matrimony platform is endowed with advanced features and tools offering an extensive range of profiles in accordance with the user’s requirements. Either the user (bride or groom) can directly add the profile, or parents can add it on the person’s behalf. With scalability and integrity as its major fortes, the users can start with basic packages and move on to premium depending upon their condition. We just don’t provide a platform for profile browsing but enable novel ways of connecting.

Visit our www.subhamastu.co for detailed information about our services.

Subhamastu.co – Advantages

  • Subhamastu.co’s interface is user friendly offering several features. It keeps a profile confidential if required giving importance to user’s privacy. It would allow you to set preferences at a micro level based on district, mandals, gothras, and astrological parameters et.al.
  • The site offers easy registration process that is secure. Privacy is assured and personal details are safeguarded.
  • Appealing facets and aspects endowed with demonstrated dependability are attracting customers from both ultra-modern societies and core rural areas.
  • Vast database (both grooms and brides) makes a suitable profile available for any kind of requirement makes Subhamastu.co unique in community matrimony websites genre. The database includes a huge repository of profiles both from India and abroad. User sitting in California, USA can find a profile required at his native place in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Registered users receive suitable profiles everyday through mail based on preferences set while registering.
  • A substantial advantage with Subhamatu.co is its wide range of payments that endure for minimum 1 day to maximum 1 year. Services like Profile Highlighter are an added advantage. Premium memberships offer several privileges.
  • Anyone from Kamma Community staying in any part of the world can be a member of the site, which makes the database quite varied. Nevertheless, every profile that is added would undergo thorough checking.

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