A brief note on the Kamma community of Andhra Pradesh

The Kamma Community is one of the most influential communities in Andhra Pradesh today. In a numerical ranking (by population size) they would probably be fifth or sixth, but they are concentrated in some areas like Krishna, Guntur, Southern parts of the Godavari river delta, Nizamabad in Telangana and some places of Rayalseema like Anantapur. But the influence they wield is all out of proportion to their numbers. There are good reasons for this: as communities go, they are very wealthy, besides they have a progressive social outlook and work VERY hard at anything they take up. This includes education, culture and arts, industry too, not just farming and they are justifiably proud of their accomplishments. One very great and striking characteristic is their readiness to undertake manual labour in agriculture, which is generally considered something to be avoided in India for the upper castes.

Thus they are rivals at one stroke of several communites…. the reddis, the yadavs or traditional aryan cattlemen, the vaishyas or merchants, the various cultural groupings, the kaapus in agriculture, and the brahmans who had a monopoly of higher education in ancient times.

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